Living In Parallel

by In Arcanium

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Michael Stevens
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Michael Stevens Just a guy with a good voice, strong lyrics + some really good backing - all in all, a good album. For £2, what's not to like?
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released May 23, 2011

produced by graham waller
mixed by graham waller and in arcanium
recorded at nsp studios
artwork by jay gray



all rights reserved


In Arcanium Kent, UK

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Track Name: Paint Your Wagon
It crackles cold
When the fog hits
It's all that's being sold
All reasons untold
But now I know
Cos it's me caught in the hold

Now it's you

You speak to me in riddles
But now I know
cos it's you sitting in the middle
The rain hammers hard against the window pane
but the mess on the floor is like the mess in my brain
I feel insane, cos I can't show fear, fear of living without you here. Now I'm counting the days; my vision impaired and my thoughts engaged I feel enraged, cos now what's left? This is gonna take quite a while to digest
Track Name: Jungle Schpungle
Chronicles aspire
As the sun retires

The clouds start to burst
This jungle is cursed
Track Name: The Mask
Speak to me, breathe
Far from justice, it's your greed
This race is extreme, your hands unclean
Thieves of land, the empire expands

How does your fight last
When will it end?
In your disguise, your mask
Will you regret?

Indigenous people, plead
Your soul is empty, your love is weak
Track Name: Underneath The Sea
Shine into space
Deluded by words that you don't say
Freezing the soul
Warming my ice cold brain

Can you breathe?
The main road, the slow way home
The white snow, the breakaway stone
The banks glow, from your bombs thrown
The main road the slow way home

Flow in disgrace
Ravish like a savage when you levitate

Underneath the sea you'll find what's left for you
See the sky fall down
Track Name: This Has To Be Real
Adventures to you, are real life to me
This struggles not new, your wall shows no peace
They'll blame it on you but it's not down to me
Do you think this is real?

This has to be real

Humanity it seems, is bossed by their greed
Brainwashed like sheep, even our voice can't speak
The night sky grows dark, as the puppets leave their mark
Do you think this is real?
Track Name: The Bird With The Iron Wing
Nightmares gaze,
Buildings blaze.
Arboreal the bird with the iron wing, string wraps along the thin traps we see clear
Sundown claims its enemies, memories of a placid panic used to deceive, retrieve then believe itself

Why do you run away?
Landscapes in deceit, feet first into the metropolis
Track Name: Alaska
How can you be so wrong?
And naive
A perfect paradox full of lies
And you say we're at war for peace

Built from the ground up, arise
Into the deep end
he spirit of the hunting man, he dies
Across alaska we're buried this time

Trees torn down, they're torn from the ground
In spite
A broken borderline, with new maps
Are you still that naive?
Track Name: Spheres
Jealous minds,
Scream for a saviour
Have you ever felt so right, about doing something so wrong?
Dreaming behaviour
Screaming for a saviour

Break, round in spheres
While you waste time
Fake, found from fears
Under the star-light

Heavy eyes,
The morning in moonlight
Is it still too much change, to feel something so right?
Leaving false danger
Sleeping no saviour

Break, round in speheres
While you waste time
Fake, found from fears
Under the star-light
Wake, sound of tears
As it all subsides
Take, everything you want, everything you need
There is no line